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    Some pictures of my daily 240 GLT. Bought the car a few years ago local to me but she was first registered through Volvo's tourist and diplomat sales in Germany to an RAF serviceman, and brought to the UK in 1992. Currently on 150k miles and Volvo galaxy alloys, the original wheels are stored should I want to change back. Other upgrades include a full set of Volvo auxiliary gauges with digital ambient temp gauge, rare side seat pocket, 940 illuminated window switches front and back. Bright 30w led sidelights. This car was originally a 5w sidelight with dipped headlight. Previous owner fitted an hid kit so the headlamps don't come on with the switch at zero. I prefer the bright sidelights as I drive with these in town rather than dipped headlights. Bluetooth radio fitted into an original Volvo front in the lower position, genuine Volvo petrol can in the spare galaxy alloy. I also painted the headlamp buckets black which I think suits the car better. Classic swede springs fitted front and back, rears fitted with blocks to lift it back up. The springs didn't sit as expected. The original dealer plaque still surrounds the rear number plate and the blue tourist and diplomat handbook present. Next upgrade is to fit a back lit headlamp switch which I hope to make from a spare 240 switch. I'll post pictures once it's fitted. Last picture shows the led sidelights and early group a style grill
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    Very nice, same colour as Robert's estate 'Arfer' but with better wheel arches!


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      First part of the spare surround done. Just to fit it and wire it up in the car now.


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        Hi D19VDM
        Great looking car - hope it runs as nicely as it looks.

        But I have some questions not about it, but LED lighting: I've been experimenting with this as well, and two things came up

        1 - How did you stop the dash bulb-failure light coming on? I replaced my tail-lights with LEDs, and they worked fine, but the warning light was on. It could be about putting a resistor in so the system thinks there's a filament bulb in there.

        2 - Legality of LEDs - last time I was in Halfords almost every replacement LED pair had smallprint on the back of the packet saying 'off-road use only'.
        There's an article on the web which explains it.
        The biggest concern is that they void insurance.

        You can use LEDs inside, under bonnet etc, just not road lighting, apparently.

        Any thoughts?
        All the best with your GLT regardless,


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          I think the trick with the LED side lights was to draw the same power. The 21w led draws the equivalent power as the original 5w. I couldn't fit normal 21w bulbs as it would draw too much power and possibly burn out the wiring. You would have fitted a 5w equivalent LED to your tail lights but the reduction in the current an LED draws makes the car think that a bulb has blown.
          As for legality, I've had these fitted for a couple of years now with no issues with Police, MOT or the roadside spot check with VOSA. You know the roadside check for older cars because newer cars don't have bald tyres or bulbs out? I had the pleasure of waiting in a line of old rusty Ford Transits and Vauxhall Vectra's for them to check my tyres, lights etc and then the guy came round and commented how nice the car was. They are only a side light and pretty much all new vehicles come with LED DRL's anyway so I can't see any issue with them. Having said that, the car has passed it's last five or six MOT's with HID headlights. They hit the beam pattern spot on during MOT and not once have I ever been flashed as they dazzle other road users. I've even followed the other half at night in the car using the HID's with no complaints.