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Welcome to our new 300 Series Advisor - Dai Brace

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  • Welcome to our new 300 Series Advisor - Dai Brace

    Great news that Dai will be taking care of the 300 Series, he has a wealth of knowledge with these models and will be a great asset to those members who need help and/or inspiration. We had several 340's in the 1980's, they were (and still are) a really solid and safe choice. The 343 was great for small Kinder as the little blighters had no rear doors to muck about with and the 345 was a really useful grown up car. We once had one that looked as if it had been attacked with a bull nose hammer, it had been caught in a hailstorm in Germany - the hailstones were the size of golfballs!

    Get in touch with Dai for all your 340 news and queries.

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    Great news Dai is the right guy for this section and is very approachable so don't hesitate to contact Dai if you need any support with 300 questions or help in any shape or form

    kind regards

    I grew up on classic volvos hence my passion for them born and breed into the lifestyle !


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      I only have a small collection of 9 300's at the moment from a late mk1 to a late mk3.

      I have been deeply involved with the 300 series for over 12 years now and keep in touch with a lot of the 300 comunity accross the world so what I dont know I can usually find.

      For anyone interested my issue of classic car weekly has arrived and the is a little article on the 300 series